Crypto-Powering Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa

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About Akoin

AKoin is a new cryptocurrency from visionary changemaker Akon and is the foundation of the AKoin Ecosystem -- a unique global project that offers an abundance of digital and in-real-life platforms and experiences that create opportunity and inclusion for youth entrepreneurs by allowing consumers to buy, hold, and spend cryptocurrency right from their smartphone through a suite of blockchain-powered apps.

Created by Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum selling artist, producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Akon, who successfully founded and grew Akon Lighting Africa to provide scaled solar power solutions throughout 18 countries to date in Africa, the AKoin Ecosystem's exclusive suite of sustainability and growth-building crypto-based apps offer immediate and ongoing new revenue generating opportunities to stimulate micro-exchanges and financial stability.



The AKoin Ecosystem unlocks the potential of the world's largest emerging economy through the creation of a stable currency and innovative, revenue-generating opportunities that stimulate and support youth entrepreneurship, economic stability, and growth across Africa and the world.

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The Problem

Youth entrepreneurs in Africa face real hardships in creating and building businesses -- problems that have hampered sustained development for too long. Global brands, likewise, face similar challenges that prevent their successful entrance and acceptance on the continent. Over half of Africa’s population today is under 25, but despite the improvements smartphone technology and the internet have brought, most still face limited access to global innovation and opportunities. Currency instability and inflation and a lack of banking services are at the heart of the African entrepreneur's dilemma. Challenges in trade and movement of money hamper growth and the need for access to high-quality education and revenue-generating opportunities is massive.

Our Solution

The AKoin Ecosystem unlocks the potential of the world's largest emerging economy through the creation of a stable currency and innovative, revenue-generating opportunities that stimulate and support youth entrepreneurship, economic stability, and growth across Africa and the world.



How We're Different

Our unique ecosystem brings together digital and in real life platforms to empower consumers to buy, hold, and spend cryptocurrency while providing opportunity for entrepreneurs and brands.

Through our custom Partner Accelerator program, we offer continuity and opportunity for brands to interact with new consumers based on: a proven track record in 18+ countries; established relationships with  public sector, NGOs and media; crypto-stability and blockchain-based transparency; and, a masterful negotiations team, comfortable and recognized at the highest levels of public complexity.


Our Platform

  • Onboarding and revenue share for AKoin DApp/App partners.

  • Brand and DApp/App sponsorship opportunities across the AKoin ecosystem

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Providing AKoin based-integrated DApps/Apps (crypto apps) as building blocks for youth entrepreneurship in developing countries

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Brand Programs

  • Raffles

  • Small Games

  • Social Sharing campaigns (Interactive GIFs, Hashtags, Emojis, Comments etc)

  • UGC (Short Videos, Pictures)

  • Idea Submissions (Your Biz, Your Charity, Your Art etc)

  • Surveys

  • Brand Commercial

  • Brand App Download





AKoin is the exclusive currency of the AKoin Ecosystem. Our model is unique as we strive to create a stable currency for the people of Africa, and our platform has been build to reflect this value:

  • Token pegged to a stable asset (AKoin cryptocurrency price based on hard assets, including mobile minutes)
  • Offers low currency volatility (AKoin token economics includes stabilization of the coin for low volatility)
  • Currency earning / cash-out (AKoin DApp earning with Corner Market, Bank and FI’s cash in-out)
  • Currency spending (AKoin rapid growth / stable value creates growing local vendor acceptance)


Our Team



Chief Visionary
A Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum selling artist, producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Of American-Senegalese descent, Akon is recognized as one of the most powerful voices across Africa and the Diaspora, named to the Forbes Celebrity 100 & 40 Most Powerful Celebrities in Africa lists. In addition to having two multi-platinum albums, 27 songs on the Billboard Hot 100, he is among the first artists to accomplish the feat of holding both the number one and two spots simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 charts twice. Through Akon Lighting Africa, he has already brought solar power to 18 countries in Africa, creating safety, health and well-being for over 100M of the 600M Africans who lack electricity today.


Ryan Scott

Chief Executive Officer
Professional entrepreneur, investor, advisor, social impact innovator, philanthropist.

A futurist and social impact thought leader, Ryan is a data privacy pioneer and holds the patent for optin email marketing. He leveraged this idea as cofounder of NetCreations, which he ultimately grew to a half a billion dollar public company before a successful exit. As Founder and CEO of ICO Impact Group he helps socially conscious blockchain startups raise investment, a natural next step building on his success as Chairman and founder of Causecast, an award-winning corporate volunteering and giving platform. Ryan is a much sought-after speaker and writer in the space of social impact and blockchain.


Jon Karas

Entertainment industry entrepreneur, seasoned capital raiser, film producer, talent representative.

With over 20 years packaging and producing entertainment and bringing the best talent to the global market, Jon is a major force at the intersection of celebrity and social good. He is a founding Advisory Board member of Slate Entertainment Group, creator of disruptive crypto driven streaming and ticketing platforms. He also founded the highly successful talent management company Infinity Management International in 1990, which represents top film and television writers, directors, and producers. Jon has been involved with the sale, packaging and financing of numerous feature films and television programs over the past decades.


Lynn Liss

Chief Operating Officer
Entrepreneur, operating executive, technologist, strategic partnerships, social impact strategist

An entrepreneur with 10 years in the social impact and startup sector, Lynn is a leader in visioning, fundraising, executing and operating business models. She brings to each of her ventures experience as a Management Consultant with BearingPoint and CGI-AMS (Top 5), where she provided executive advisement and deployed innovative technology with Fortune 500s including negotiating a $20M+ deal signed by the COO of Microsoft. An MBA in Strategy/Finance from the University of Chicago, Lynn has deep networks and experience across the startup, venture capital, entertainment, technology and social good sectors.