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The Akoin Ecosystem

The Akoin Ecosystem’s interconnected channels of opportunity offer all the potential to learn, earn, spend and save; powered by the Akoin Token. Connecting the entrepreneurs of rising economies with the tools, resources and people that have never before been in reach while empowering their local communities and providing more trust, interoperability and high utility.


How the Akoin Ecosystem Works for You

The Akoin community benefits from the interconnected channels of opportunity that unite, connect and enable a rising economy of entrepreneurs. Leveraging the building blocks of entrepreneurship, we are able to supercharge our users' access and reach, share their message and introduce them to the world around them. Supported in the field by a team of Ambassadors, Influencers, Merchants and Agents, our community is empowered to scale and grow by assisting, informing and inspiring each other.


Entrepreneur Empowerment

The Akoin marketplace will include the onboarding and integration of best in class DApp partners offering much needed services and tools to entrepreneurs using the platform, thus providing the "Building Blocks of Entrepreneurship"


Understanding the Flow of Akoin




Our DApp partnership with BitMinutes allows for peer-to-peer value transfer to more than 1.2 billion bank and mobile accounts across more than 70 contracted countries, while prepaid airtime top-ups are available to more than 4 billion mobile accounts in approximately 120 countries.

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Akoin is integrating UNL’s universal addressing and naming platform to bring the 4 billion unaddressed individuals into the new digital economy, creating far-reaching socio-economic impact.

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Akon City

Akoin will be the central currency of Akon City, a sustainable and eco-tourism smart city in Senegal, Africa. Akon City blends leading smart city planning designs with a blank canvas for integrating blockchain into our daily human and business exchanges, all with the goal of inventing a radical new way of existence. As part of the blockchain design of this smart city, Akoin, Inc. has a letter of intent with Akon and Akon City committing to the usage of Akoin as the central currency.

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Mwale Medical and Technology Center

Partnership establishes Akoin as the central currency and payment processor for this burgeoning tech and medical hub in Kenya, to be used for all daily life activities for individuals, merchants and enterprises through the city.

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Jeev Healthcare

Akoin is working with Jeev Network to revolutionize healthcare in Africa and other developing countries globally, digitizing medical records and chain of custody for drug testing on the blockchain. The end result is an easy-to-use, no-cost solution to end-users that can dramatically reduce inefficiencies and wastage of resources, delivering much-improved health outcomes.

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Sense Chat

Akoin has partnered with Sense Chat to bring encrypted blockchain based messaging to Africa and other rising economies. Sense Chat will host the primary communication channels for the Akoin users and communities, including activation and reward mechanisms.

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Micro Lending

Current prepaid minute vendors, as well as consumers, can apply to join the Trusted Agent Network (TAN) to become what we like to affectionately call our Human ATM network by offering ‘cash-out’ services and providing micro-loans to people in their local community.

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Micro Raffles

Akoin will be launching an innovative micro-raffle lottery with a leading lottery/raffle partner throughout Africa in early 2020.

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Akoin is in the process of onboarding a best of breed DApp partner to provide crowdfunding tools and services that aim to support and spur investments. We aim to use a model that is prevalent in developed countries, and one that can become a leading source of financial support for businesses in developing markets.

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Akoin’s enterprise partnerships will allow users to buy solar energy easily and affordably through a new blockchain-based grid overlay.

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Land Rights

Land ownership, titling, and records management is a prevailing issue in developing countries. Akoin has partnered with a leader in land governance that uses blockchain and other technologies to provide user-friendly, low-cost land administration systems. Our goal is to promote economic development and the full financial inclusion of all parties by helping individuals in developing countries establish formal ownership of their property.

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